SF Giants News

The Giant Failures

By Bryan Rose

Are there words for that disastrous road trip? I mean, it’s one thing to do poorly in the standings….but it’s a whole different animal to play the way they did – unenergetic and defeated. It even got to the point late this weekend where I had to ask myself, why am I watching this? They obviously don’t seem to be all that concerned with the way they’re playing…why should I?

The pitching staff, as usual, is doing their job – especially the starting staff, sans Wellemeyer (gee, who didn’t see THAT one coming?!). But the offense is just horrible. Awful. There aren’t any words that really can describe it. They can’t even go up there and give a professional at bat, and the few times that they can? They pretty much always blow it in some stupid way.

I don’t like losing, but, I can handle it – after all, I am a Sacramento King fan. However, I can’t stand not giving a shit…and that’s exactly the vibe I get from the Giants. They have no intention of attempting to improve the situation. Nobody on the team alters how they play to improve their chances. Pablo and Bengie will still swing at a pitch above their eyes or one that bounces 8 feet in front of the plate. Freddy Sanchez tries too hard to do the perfect thing and then ends up doing the worst possible thing. Aaron Rowand…give me a break. He’s a decent fielder and one of the worst hitters in the league. As the great Rasheed Wallace once said, “sometimes the sun shines on a dog’s ass”.

I honestly feel bad for the pitching staff. You could see it in Jonathan Sanchez’s eyes yesterday afternoon. He pitched another gem and eventually was tagged for a run late in the game – then promptly removed. As he sat in the dugout, you could see the dejection in him. He knew the chances of the Giants getting a run was slim to none. And of course, he was right.

This isn’t something you can fix with a batter. Ryan Howard could show up tomorrow and it’s not fixing anything. It’s a mentality. The Giants allow it. The coaching staff allows it. I saw it in San Diego with Bochy when he was here….it’s nothing new to me. So I guess I should be used to it….but sometimes, you just can’t see past things.