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Giants Split In San Diego – Freddy Sanchez To Return

By Bryan Rose

There is nothing easy for the Giants when the Padres are involved. Going into last night’s game, the Giants were 0-6 versus the friendly friar’s this year and were a few minutes away from going 0-7. After jumping out to a 2-0 lead, the Giants got a little cute and after a few consecutive knocks, the Padres ran off for four runs, staking them to a 4-2 lead.

The Padres bullpen, which has been dominant to say the least, then came in to shut the door. Mike Adams was called out of the bullpen by Bud Black to start the 8th. A few batters in and a runner on first, Adams left a pitch inside which Andres Torres unloaded on. And I mean unloaded on. Torres had hit the ball well these two games in San Diego but had little to show for it. That changed. Torres’ bomb into the right field corner (which just squeaked by the fair pole) shot at least 20 rows up, if not more….Barry Bonds territory. The homer tied the game and the two teams exchanged bullpen darts for the next few innings.

By the time the 12th inning came around, the Padres were down to one pitcher left in the pen. A few pitches into the top of the 12th, that changed as Joe Thatcher injured himself and had to come out of the game, leaving the Padres with nobody in the bullpen and a pitcher who looked quite uncomfortable in the situation. Eventually, with two outs, Matt Downs drilled a 2-run double down the left field line which was then followed up by a Eugenio Velez RBI single, staking the Giants to a 3 run lead.

Of course, being it was the Padres…nothing was easy. The Padres scored twice in the bottom half of the inning against Brian Wilson and had runners on first and second when the final out was recorded.

Thank your lucky baseball god’s that the Giants and Padres don’t meet again until August.

As for today’s game, the Giants have another short series, this time in Arizona. Bruce Bochy said Aubrey Huff would get the day off with Ish taking his place today. In addition, Freddy Sanchez is expected to be activated though, for whom and if he’ll start or not is still in the air. Matt Downs might have been the effected party, but after his three hit, game winning RBI performance last night – that might have changed.