Buster Posey

Giants Thinking Huff In Left Field?

By Bryan Rose

Well, maybe not the Giants – but Aubrey Huff made sure that they’re well aware that he’s more than willing to move to the outfield for the better of the team.

The struggling offense is in need of a spark. A big spark. A forest fire if you want to be exact. Problem is? We don’t have one. And even more devastating? We can’t get one…not with this roster. From top to bottom, the Giants offense is full of non-power hitting, poor strike zone recognition hitters. Hell, our best hitters make Vladimir Guerrero blush when it comes to plate discipline.

I understand the point of this would allow Giants uber catching prospect Buster Posey to be called up, but, I don’t see a lot of purpose in grooming your future catcher at first base right now, even though I’d more than love him on the big league roster. But, it’s addition by subtraction and Buster Posey alone, as solid of a hitter as he is, will not fix this offensive, offense.

Speaking of the minors, Dylan Sharek of Blogging About Baseball was able to see watch Giants pitching prospect Zack Wheeler in person last Wednesday. Wheeler, current pitcher for the Augusta GreenJackets, is the high priced, sixth pick from the 2009 draft who had everybody’s jaw dropping earlier this year. However, he’s struggled lately, especially with his mechanics. Sharek picked up on Wheeler’s inability to form a constant release point as well as his windup and noted odd speed changes in his velocity. A great read on the 3.3 million dollar draft pick.

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