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Giants Swept By Padres…..Again

By Bryan Rose

First things first. The Padres? They’re legit. Maybe they’re not as good as their record indicates right now, but, they’re a very solid team. Former Giant Bud Black has them playing at a high level – they’re enthusiastic – they play smart – and they play hard. Combine all of those things and you’re going to be in contention every time you take the field. On top of that, while the starting pitching has been very solid, their bullpen is terrific. We’re talking quite possibly the best in baseball. It’s quickly becoming a 6 and 7 inning game when playing the Padres on most nights.

As for the Giants, well, the offense shockingly continues to falter. Nobody would have ever expected that, right?

It gets so frustrating watching the Giants continually fail with runners on base (assuming they can even get them on base…), play bonehead baseball, and really just get outworked. The pitching staff, especially the top 4 starters, continue to bust their ass nightly while the offense sleeps at the wheel.

This division is going to be one in which every single game counts this year. Every game. The top four, possibly even the top five teams will only be separated by a few games come September. And if the Giants don’t start to realize that, they very well could be on the outside looking in, which is really sad considering how dominant this staff could be in a playoff series.

The Giants start a three game set versus the Houston Astros this weekend and will then travel to Petco Park to face the same Padres, who the Giants hold an 0-6 winless record against this season.