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Giants Try To Avoid Sweep In San Diego

By Bryan Rose

Ugh. That’s the only word I can find in my small vocabulary to describe last nights gem of a game. Well, I can find a few more, but, they’re not even appropriate on the raunchiest of porn sets.

The Giants gave one up one hit to the Padres all game. One. Single. Uno. And lost. Yep – you heard me right, they lost. The Giants continually failed with runners in scoring position, hacking at balls outside of the strike zone, bailing out Padre pitchers who were unable to throw strikes, and just looked uninterested.

The Padres scored their lone run in quite an odd way as well. Chase Headley singled against Jonathan Sanchez and promptly stole second base. The next batter hit a pop-up right into the camera well which Aubrey Huff darted after and caught, all the while, flipping over the “fencing” and tumbling down into the crater of a hole. Headley paying attention to this, took off for third and made it without a throw. The next batter did what the Giants couldn’t do all game, situational hitting, and drove Chase home on a sacrifice fly. That was the game.

The Giants had a runner on at third with no outs and were unable to get him in. They even had a runner at first and third with 1 out in the top of the 9th and couldn’t get him in. My eyes are still bleeding from the atrocity. Even Ray Charles could have hit better…

Anyway, Giants try to avoid the 1 and 5 road trip with an afternoon game today.

In other news, I received a nice e-mail from the folks at GQ magazine who did a great piece on Tim Lincecum, which you can read here. I highly recommend it – great read.