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Giants Place Rowand On DL

By Bryan Rose

What? You couldn’t get drilled in the face a day sooner, Aaron when we still had Fred Lewis?

In reality though, I’m not sure this is as big a blow as one might think. Despite Aaron’s hard nosed play (and his, uh, “somewhat”) competent hitting early in this season, the drop off shouldn’t be too deep on the offensive side with Velez taking over the starting CF duties. Defensively on the other hand, well, *cue Benny Hill music and sped up 1920’s film montage*…we might run into a problem.

For those that missed it, Rowand suffered a mild concussion and two small fractures of his left cheekbone after being hit in the head/cheek by a Vicente Padilla fastball on Friday evening. He’s expected to return in mid to late May, assuming all goes well. The Giants and Rowand are still undecided as to the direction they want to take with the injury, but team doctors have stressed that fixing the fractures via surgery will only add a few days to a week onto the recovery.

The Giants recalled infielder Matt Downs to take Rowand’s spot on the active roster.