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Rowand Takes Pitch To Head, Giants Comeback Falls Short

By Bryan Rose

Eek – there was an ugly moment during the first game of the Dodger/Giant series when Aaron Rowand went down in a heap after being plunked by a Vicente Padilla fastball. Padilla threw a high and tight fastball that clocked Rowand right in the dome (actually part of his cheek as well), sending him to the ground immediately. Rowand, the ever tough guy, played it off as well as anybody could after getting drilled in the head/face but he was obviously not in the right frame of mind. Post game analysis of the injury revealed a minor concussion as well as multiple fractures in his face. Rowand claims he’s fine to play through the injury (crazy bastard), but I’m thinking the Giants will disagree. And while it might not be a trip to the DL, I’d have to think the Giants would keep him out for a few days at the least and return with a facemask.

MLB Network’s coverage of the incident more or less Padilla purposely drilled Rowand after he became frustrated with giving up runs. Padilla had given up three straight hits and two runs prior to the plunking, which Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams of MLB Network claimed Padilla has a reputation of head hunting (he does) when things start to shift out of his favor. Was it on purpose? That’s for you to decide, though, going off reputation alone….

As for the game, it was a blowout from the start. Todd Wellemeyer was blasted out of the game by the long ball, giving up 7 runs in the first two innings of work before he settled down, but by that time, it was too late. The bullpen struggled a bit, giving up another three runs before the night was over. The bats attempted a large comeback in the 9th against ex Giant star Russ Ortiz, but, fell short in a 10-8 final.

The two play again today, a national game on Fox, starting at 1:00.