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Giants Clobber Pirates In Series Opener – Fred Lewis To Be Traded?

By Bryan Rose

I’m not sure what the Pirates ever did to the Giants, but man, they’ve really taken it to them over the years – and not just on the field. They snagged Barry Bonds from them. They abused them in the Jason Schmidt/Armando Rios trade. They dumped the catastrophic mistake called Matt Morris on them for Rajai Davis (who’s turned out to be a pretty nice player, all be it for the cross-bay Athletics) and they continue to stomp them on the field with last night being no different.

The Giants jumped out early and never let up as they beat the ‘Rats, improving to 6 and 1 on the year. Pablo Sandoval, after a pretty awful start, especially on the defensive end, has returned to the Panda we all know and love, simply raking the ball. Last night he took an 0-2 pitch that was literally 4 to 6 inches off the ground and drove it out into the left field corner for a double. Big Money Bengie Molina had a great game as well, finishing 4 for 4 with a home run that sealed the deal.

Barry Zito struggled with his command all night, but, fought through it well to pitch a solid outing. Matt Cain takes the ball tonight for the Giants.

In other news, Fred Lewis’ time as a Giant is just about over. The Giants bought some extra time with Lewis by placing him on the disabled list to start the season, but, his time runs out by this weekend. With the Giants outfield positions locked up and Lewis out of minor league options, the writing is all but on the wall for a trade. I’m told both the Padres and Athletics have inquired about the outfielder, but, the front runner appears to be the Toronto Blue Jays who, for some odd reason, scout the Giants minors more than anybody else and have a good read on Lewis.