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Recap: Giants Sweep Astros In Houston!

By Bryan Rose

You know, if somebody told me to look at the box scores from these past three games and I saw the amount of double plays the Giants hit into, I’d ask if they even managed to win one game. And I’d be wrong. Because they won three…and left Clutch City with a sweep.

Of course, the game wasn’t without it’s pant crapping moments the Giants are so fond of. After a nice 3-0 cushion, Pablo Sandoval decided to air-mail a throw to first which gave the Astros their first run a few batters later. A few innings later, Corey Sullivan decided he’d test out the limits of Scott Aaron Rowand, and he won. Rowand took a poor angle to the ball and decided it was in his best interest to Willie Mays it. Of course, ding ding, Mr. Rowand is not Mr. Mays and he promptly dropped the ball. Michael Bourn then stepped to the plate and hit a wobbling duck-snort about 19 feet, sending Jeremy Affeldt like a wounded bird, lurching for his morning worm (which he missed) and Juan Uribe decided it wasn’t in his best interest to charge the ball simply because Michael Bourn isn’t fast or anything of that nature (you better turn up your sarcasm meter, good sir!). So, the Giants went into the top of the 8th all tied at 4. The world was over. Lucy Goosey just rang the bullpen phone and told them the sky was falling.

But then it was magic. The Giants started hitting. And hitting some more. And then with a little help from the Astros defense, they kept hitting. And continued to hit until they plastered another 6 runs onto the board and lead 10-4 going into the bottom of the 9th.

So now we come home, undefeated. Something is wrong with that picture. It wasn’t supposed to happen. But it did…and great scott, I couldn’t be happier. The G-men are obviously thinking with their dip-sticks!