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Double Plays Are Death – Giants Avoid CPR In Houston

By Bryan Rose

Ugh. Aaron Rowand. Listen, I try to like the guy but he just grinds my gears. There is going 0 for 10. And then there is going 0 FOR 10!!!! You sir, are our leadoff hitter, like it or not. Your job, even though you’re wrongly positioned in the lineup *glares at Bochy* is to take pitches…work counts…and just do what you can to have smart at bats. I really don’t mind if you go 0 for 10 and have “good at-bats”…but don’t go up there hacking like you’re trying to take down a 98 foot redwood tree. My god…

Anyway, the Giants came away with another victory last night in Houston, blanking the Astros 3-0, thanks to another dominating pitching performance. Barry Zito pitched extremely well and the bullpen came in and shut it down after Zito’s six innings of work. Romo, Runzler, and Joaquin did the dirty work in the 7th and 8th and let Brian Wilson destroy the Stro’s in the top half of the 9th.

The offense had its moments. They again, as they did Monday night, continued the success of their situational hitting. Both of their “big rallies” in both games were mainly because of smart baseball plays and situational hitting. These are the little things the Giants lacked last year and seem to be understanding, at least…right now…

The Astros face quite a task today as they attempt to avoid the sweep, but will have to do so against would be ace, Matt Cain.

A sweep coming home to AT&T Park on Friday? You couldn’t have written a better script…

Let’s do it Cain.