Buster Posey

Giants Make Moves – Send Posey and Hinshaw to Fresno

By Bryan Rose

Buster Posey did about all he could do to force the Giants into keeping him in the Bay. It wasn’t enough.

The Giants decided to send Posey along with Alex Hinshaw, pitcher Kevin Pucetas, infielder Ryan Rohlinger, pitcher Henry Sosa and infielder Matt Downs down to Fresno. The team also reassigned pitcher Felix Romero, catcher Steve Holm and infielder Brandon Crawford to their respective minor league camps.

Posey had a wonderful spring (more so than just his nice numbers) with clutch hits and demonstrated amazing plate vision and control…but it wasn’t enough. And rather than force feed Posey into the lineup, the Giants decided it would be best to give the 4th rated prospect in Major League Baseball regular playing time. It wont be long until Posey is snapping throws from his knees behind homeplate at AT&T Park. But, to say I’m not bummed out he didn’t make the roster, all be it the smart move, would be a lie.

In addition to the Posey snub, Alex Hinshaw who had a great spring also missed the cut, and along with the others who were moved, the final roster total is at 29 currently. Fred Lewis, Freddy Sanchez, and Emmanuel Burris are all expected to start the season on the DL as well, which puts the roster down to 26…one over the final number of 25.

The final roster must be submitted before 6PM local time tonight, so, the final cut will be known shortly.