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Giants To Extend Brian Wilson – Burriss Has Surgery

By Bryan Rose

First off, the good news. Rod Beck, err, Brian Wilson and the Giants have agreed on a contract extension which will most likely buy out the last two years of his arbitration although right now we’re not 100% clear since terms of the contract have not been released. But rest assured, Wilson is locked up and will avoid arbitration for at least a little bit.

Onto the sour news of the day, Emmanuel Burriss who again injured himself early in Spring Training had surgery yesterday and will be out for at least 10 weeks. Burriss and the Giants debated if the operation was needed, but, felt it was in the best interest to have the injury fully repaired since they both feared his fifth metatarsal would suffer another break if not properly fixed.

The Giants felt Burriss was going to be their best utility option with his ability to play SS, 2b, and the OF and now are in the market for a uber utlity man to replace Burriss.

UPDATE: Wilson and the Giants have agreed to a two year, 15 million dollar deal which will give him $6.5 million in 2011 and $8.5 million in 2012 and a year of arbitration in 2013 if another extension at the time is not agreed upon.