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Giants Lock Up Affeldt For Two Years

By Bryan Rose

It was reported by Bob Nightengale late last evening that the Giants and Jeremy Affeldt came to terms on a two year extension, locking him up through the end of next season. The deal, while reported as a two year, 9.5 million, actually breaks down like this – the Giants will give Affeldt a 500,000 raise this season in exchange for a 4.5 million dollar contract next season which has a 500,000 dollar buyout in case things go south or the Giants feel that Affeldt isn’t worth that kind of bank.

It’s a pretty large deal for a reliever, even if he’s a somewhat set-up guy…but Affeldt has been great (literally) the past few seasons and is one of the clubhouse leaders and glue guys. Considering the other deals we’ve thrown around, this is one I can fully back.