SF Giants News

Fred Lewis & Kevin Frandsen On Trade Block

By Bryan Rose

And in other news, the sky is blue.

The Giants, more or less announced for the world to hear, that infielder Kevin Frandsen and outfielder Fred Lewis are available for the right price. Actually, for any price. With Lewis out of options (and almost certain to be claimed) and Frandsen continuing to struggle with MLB level pitching, the Giants are fielding any and all offers for the one time “pieces” in the Giants minor league operations.

The Giants aren’t totally screwed with Frandsen as he does have one minor league option remaining, but, it appears their patience has worn thin with the one time future second basemen. Frandsen has continually done well at all of his minor league stops but he’s struggled mightily during his tenures in the majors. Rumors had Frandsen being traded to the Padres this past off-season for Kevin Kouzmanoff but the trade fell apart and Kouzmanoff was later traded across the Bay to the Oakland Athletics.

Fred Lewis on the other hand has had a pretty solid Spring, nothing amazing, but solid never the less. Lewis hasn’t been overly thrilled with the Giants in the past, more or less asking for a change of scenery a few times quietly…but the Giants have stuck with him. He’s had plenty of chances to grab a starting spot, but, he’s never shown the consistency needed to be an every day MLB player.

Rumors say the offers for Lewis and Frandsen are pretty limited…so don’t expect much for either.