SF Giants News

News & Notes – Feb 3

By Bryan Rose

It appears that Tiny Tim and the Giants are going to be going to arbiration as the two sides could not come to an agreement on his salary. Lincecum never budged from his requested 13 million dollar salary and the Giants never budged from their 8 million dollar offer. It’s a shame the two couldn’t come to an agreement, but, Lincecum does deserve the money…considering all. But I’d like to think that an extra 5 million or so could get a semi decent player in the black and orange…

In other news, an ex-fucking Dodger, Guillermo Mota was signed to a minor league contract yesterday – finally a move that I didn’t think about slicing my wrists over. Mota is nothing special, but, he gets the job done on most nights when called upon…or at least, has. He’s no sure thing to make the roster but the Giants hope he can replace the traded Merkin Valdez.

Last but not least, fan favorite Rich Aurilia has hopes of landing a bench role in his hometown of New York this season. Aurilia told the Merc that he’s hoping that he’ll get a call from the Mets or Yankees this year. He’s been in contact with both teams but nothing has progressed past some mild discussions. I for one, would love to see Rich playing…even if not for the Gigantes.