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Giants Sign Byung-Hyun Kim – You Can Barf Now

By Bryan Rose

So I lied – I guess the Giants weren’t done JUST yet when it came to bringing in top flight free agents – and let me tell you, [sarcasm] today’s news does NOT disappoint. [/sarcasm]

As if the Giants hadn’t scrapped the bottom of the free agent barrel enough, today we’re greeted with the news that the Giants have signed Byung-Hyun Kim to a minor league contract which does guarantee a spot in Spring Training. Yep, the same Kim who was last seen in 2008 during the Pittsburgh Pirates spring training, who, ironically enough was cut because even the Pirates felt he couldn’t make their Major League roster.

I mean, I know little should come of this – being a minor league contract and all, but, really? REALLY? We’re that desperate that we have to pick up guys like Kim to see if they can work out of the bullpen? If you’re looking for a cheap alternative, why not somebody like Chan Ho Park?

Ah well. I guess I better go cut Sabean’s phone line before he offers Bill Swift an invite too. Be right back!