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Baseball Suicide – Bengie Molina Returns To Giants

By Bryan Rose

Yes, I understand you might need to read that title again. Go ahead. I’ll wait.


And yes – I’m even more shocked that you are. Ladies and gentleman, Bengie Molina has returned to the Giants which is obviously a sign the world is going to be ending soon. The Giants announced that Molina signed a 1 year, 4.5 million dollar contract and will resume starting catching duties for the black and orange.

The Giants were looking at a variety of catching options, most notably ex-Giant, Yorvit Torrealba…but after Molina was unable to come to terms with the Mets, the Giants extended an olive tree branch to the backstop and more or less ruined my day.

Listen, I know the Giants were struggling to find a catcher and they weren’t comfortable with Buster Posey handling the staff at this point, but, come on. Really? REALLY!? You really expect me to sit through another season of .250 and 15 HR’s….another season of awful on base percentage and a man who is unable to beat a tortoise in a race?

But hey – look on the bright side. We signed Aubrey Huff.


And speaking of Molina, I want to take this time out to apologize to the baseball Gods. For I have no idea of my sins, I want to repent because obviously you’re punishing me for something unspeakable. Or you’re a dirty, filthy, Dodgers fan.