SF Giants Rumors

Brad Penny Signs With The Cardinals

By Bryan Rose

Is it bad for me to wish bad on him? He was an ass in LA. He was an ass in Boston. And really, he was an ass in San Francisco even though he played for us. He rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, always has, and always will…but the Giants are no stranger to unique personalities.

Penny signed a one year, 7.5 million dollar offer with incentives that could raise the final contract number up to almost 9 million.

In other news, Giants general manager Brian Sabean revealed Monday that Pablo Sandoval will bat cleanup for the club in 2010 and it’s also being rumored the Giants are in some somewhat serious trade talks with the Marlins for a few players, but, the Marlins are only interested in a return that would fetch Giants elite pitching prospect Madison Bumgarner to which Sabean continues to balk at, and rightfully so.

The Giants are currently focused on finding a veteran catcher to backup Buster Posey and are in talks with a handful of them.