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San Francisco Giants Re-sign 2nd Baseman Freddy Sanchez

By Bryan Rose

Well, in all fairness, this was a move they pretty much had to make considering the amount they gave up, only to watch Freddy limp through the final two months of the season only playing in a handful of games.

The Giants signed Sanchez to a two year deal worth $12 million dollars this afternoon, which voids his $8.1 million dollar contract option for this season.

All in all, it’s not a horrible deal despite the baseball world consensus that most second baseman begin to decline at around 30 or 31 (Sanchez will be 32 come Spring Training). Then again, it’s pretty difficult to top some of the horrible contracts the Giants have given out lately, so, paying 6 million a year for a semi overrated, injury prone player isn’t that bad.