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Recap: Giants Sweep – Complete Home Season

By Bryan Rose

Diamondbacks – 3

Giants – 7

Wow. What a weird, crazy, somber, and exciting day for all Giant fans as they completed their 2009 home schedule by sweeping the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Giants exceeded a lot of expectations this year, staying in the playoff race until only 4 games remained in the season and provided a season we fans have lacked for quite some time.

But as to todays game…I haven’t experienced a game like that for a while. We watched what could possibly not only be the last pitch for Hall of Fame pitcher Randy Johnson in a Giants uniform, we might have watched his last pitch ever. We watched Bengie Molina possibly play his last game as a Giant. We watched Randy Winn possibly play his last game as a Giant. We watched Fred Fucking Lewis play possibly his last game as a Giant. And of course, we definitely watched longtime Giant Rich Aurilia play his last game as a Giant.

It’s difficult to watch players who’ve been here for a few years leave, much like Molina, but it’s a whole different feeling when you watch a guy who laced up nearly 1400 games for you ride off into the sunset. A guy that was an All-Star for your team. A guy that was an important cog between Giant MVP’s, Barry Bonds and Jeff Kent.

I’ll have more on Richie later, but a quick thank you here for the time you spent here.

As to the actual game, Tim Lincecum again dominated for the most part, running out of gas late. Though his most likely fall a bit short in a repeat effort of a Cy Young award, his “true” sophomore season was another amazing effort. Andres Torres had a great game, falling a double short of a cycle and Pablo Panda Sandoval continued his stellar season adding a triple to his 2 for 3 afternoon.

The Giants finish the season at home with a 52-29 record, clinching the best home record in the entire National League.

They now head south to San Diego to finish the season with a 3 game tilt at Petco Park.