Buster Posey

Recap: We’re Not In This Thing

By Bryan Rose

Cubs – 3

Giants – 0

Do I really need to say anything? I think that graphic says enough. How can a manager and a hitting coach continually allow these guys to go up to the plate and randomly hack like they’re trying to knock down a giant redwood? It amazes me. Zambrano threw a complete game and didn’t even throw 100 pitches. WTF. And that’s not the first time somebody has done that to the Giants this year. Simply amazing.

The Giants were one pitch away from being back 3 games coming into Friday morning. Now, they’re out 5 with 8 games to play and need to start setting up their tee times.

In all honesty though, while I can’t say the Rockies have earned their spot in the playoffs – they’ve wanted it a lot more than most of these Giants. Then again, a group of hot turds wanted it more than these Giants.

The one bright spot from the game last night – Buster Posey got his first start. It was nothing to be remembered, but, a step in the right direction.

Only 8 more horrific and painful games to go.