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Recap: Holy Crap That Was Painful

By Bryan Rose

Giants – A few runs

Diamondbacks – I can’t count that high

Yikes. The game is still in the bottom of the 4th as I write this, but, there is no way the Giants are coming back. What a disaster. No, really. A fuckin disaster. I mean the Giants were pretty much out of this thing anyway, other then that whole “mathematical” thing they had going for them but what a kick to the balls.

The Diamondbacks are a really shitty team. One of the worst in baseball. And for Matt Cain (who’s stunk sorta lately) to get lit up by a bunch of AAA players like he did – well, it really wasn’t excusable if you’re trying to be “playoff” team. In addition, Bruce Bochy? Fuckin idiot. Seriously. I watched this toolshed for years in San Diego fall asleep in the middle of the game until he was woken up by a bench coach and told to go change pitchers because the pitcher just got lit up for 18 runs.

I watched Cain getting absolutely drilled tonight…his command all over the place…while Bochy sat back, looking stupid as always, and carried on a conversation with Bench Coach Ron Wotus which I assumed sounded something like this: “Bork bork bork bork BORK, bork, bork bork BORK BORK!!!!”.


The Rockies are winning (despite a valiant effort by the Padres offense)…the Giants are losing…and God will punish me and bring back Bruce Bochy next year, attempting to cut years off my life.

And that’s the positive spin.