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Recap: Giants Squeak Out A Win. Glass Sanchez Hurt.

By Bryan Rose

Giants – 5

Diamondbacks – 4

Jesus Christ that was a long game. And I don’t think that was my imagination. It was a weird game too. Pablo Sandoval nearly falling down stealing second base. Errors all over the diamond. Freddy Sanchez being carried after the field while walking. Justin Upton str…wait, what? Oh! About that whole Freddy Sanchez thing.

Aaron Rowand tossed a ball back into the infield (a bit off course) that got by Juan Uribe, in which Freddy Sanchez backed it up. He had to slowly trot/walk about 3-4 steps to get to it and in doing so, starting hopping around like a rabbit who just had a few firecrackers shoved up its ass.

I like Freddy. He’s a nice guy. His agent is a cock, but, what agent isn’t? With all of that said though, the trade for Freddy has been worthless to this point. I know he feels bad. We all do. It was like grinding hot salt into my eyes last night soon as I saw him start limping.

Does Freddy owe us anything? Not at all. But if he doesn’t want to become hated by the entire city of San Francisco, he better be the first to line up a discounted contract to the Giants.

With that said, the Giants picked up a half game on the inactive Rockies last night who now start a 9 game home stand which starts off with the Padres who are still playing well. Let’s hope they continue.

Matt Cain takes the hill for the G-Men tonight.