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Recap: Dodgers Beat Giants…Again…And Again

By Bryan Rose

Giants – 2

Dodgers – 6

You know, you think the worst news I’d have today would be the Dodgers beating the Giants, again. But that’s actually not the worst news of the day. That actually would be the Angel Villalona news. What Angel Villalona news you ask? This…

Yep. You read right. One of the Giants top hitting prospects, possibly the second best offensive prospect behind Buster Posey is being investigated for murder. This is the same guy who was deemed “untouchable” by the front office in trade demands.

So, pas the whole potential “murder thing”, cause that’s really not important…. ? …Tim Lincecum got lit up (by his standards) this afternoon, further crushing any small chance at the playoffs the Giants have had and also ripping a massive leak in his potential Cy Young boat.  With only two starts left, Lincecum’s lack of wins will undoubtedly cost him a second Cy Young award.

The Giants now trail the Rockies by 4 1/2 games in the Wild Card as they head to Arizona. The Rockies head home for a 9 game home stand.

Tee times anybody? And make it one less guy. I don’t think Angel Villalona will be joining us…