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Recap: Dodgers Even Series 1-1

By Bryan Rose

I’m magic. Did you know that? I am. Wanna know how?

Well, as I write this, the Giants are currently down 7-1 to the fuckers from LA Dodgers. And being I’m magic, I know in advance that the Giants will not win this game. I know, I know, keep your panties on. It’s a skill you wish you had, but, alas – you don’t. Envy me.

So tomorrow will be the rubber game, which in all honesty is the most Giant fans had to ask coming into this series. The opportunity to win 2 out of 3 versus the Dodgers, in LA? I’ll take it…

A win tonight in Arizona by the Rockies would take away last nights awesome win and game picked up, but, the Giants win and Rockies loss last night still leaves the Giants playoff chances alive. Slim, anorexic…actually Nicole Richie anorexic, but, alive.

So, as we’ve done all season, we ride Tim Lincecum tomorrow afternoon, praying his 160 pound frame can hold the weight of the world.

So far, so good.