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Recap: Rockies Avoid Sweep

By Bryan Rose

Rockies – 4

Giants – 3

I’m sure you’re expecting a huge, drawn out, curse filled rant against the Giants right now…and that’s not going to happen. While there were some stupid moments, the Giants fought back hard last night. I was proud of them. No, they didn’t finish the job…but they gave it what they had. Sure, a Rockies error helped them out…but they didn’t give up.

De La Rosa pitched an incredible game and credit is given when credit is due. I don’t care if the Anaheim Angels and their potent offense were up at the plate, De La Rosa would have given them trouble as well. He was changing speeds, changing eye levels, and throwing 95mph junk on the black. Sometimes, you just have to tip your cap.

A wise woman once told me the Giants will get close, only to pull the rug out from you. She was right. But, she always is…

The Giants aren’t out of this thing totally. The Rockies do still have some tough games to play, mainly St. Louis and LA, even though those match ups are at home while the Giants get a couple series with the last place Diamondbacks and slumping Cubs during that time span, but, let’s face it. Reality is, the Giants are on their last breath. With a 3.5 game defect, it’s going to take an incredible winning streak and/or losing streak on behalf of the Rockies to have a shot. No, the Giants most likely wont be eliminated until there are just a couple games left in the season, but the loss last night was devastating to their playoff hopes.

It’s been a fun season. A great season really. Very few expected the Giants to do anything. They’ve given us a fun and energetic playoff race, despite being an extremely flawed team. And, we just so happen to have a manager who exposes those flaws at every possible moment. It’s like Bochy bought a somewhat fancy used car and decided he’d remove the shocks and replace the round tires with square boxes, hoping for a smooth ride.

He’s a poor manager and he’s cost the Giants a variety of victories this season with his terrible decision making and desire to play slumping veterans.

But with all that said – here is to a fun, yet, most likely coming up short, playoff push in the final 16 games.