SF Giants News

Recap: Giants Maybe Won Again

By Bryan Rose

Rockies – 2

Giants – 10

The Giants might have won last night. They also might have scored 10 runs while holding the potent Rockies offense to only 2 runs. They might have done this. They might also be going for a sweep tonight which would cut the Rockies Wild Card lead to only 1 1/2 games (1 game in the loss column).

I cannot confirm or deny that the Giants might possibly be going for a second straight sweep over the Rockies at AT&T Park for fear of catching a big case of the jinx.

So, I will only possibly say that it is sorta possible maybe sorta that the Giants might actually sweep the Rockies tonight. Maybe. Sorta. Possible. A lil bit. Maybe. Maybe?

Matt Cain opposes De LaRosa in the maybe possible sorta might happen sweep game.

Edgar Renteria will return to the starting lineup. He’ll play shortstop, with Uribe moving to third base and Pablo sticking at first. It bumps Ishikawa out of the starting lineup, at least for now.

Also of note – with last nights win, the Giants clinched the season series with the Rockies, leading with 10 wins to 7. In past years, this really wasn’t that big of a deal. However, with the MLB rule change on tiebreakers, it is. No longer decided by a coin flip, head to  head records will be the home field advantage decider in any potential playoff, play-in.