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Recap: Giants Lose Aga..Wait, What? They Win!?

By Bryan Rose

Giants – 3

Brewers – 2

I hate to be a negative nancy, but Jesus Christ – is there any team out there that can make a win feel like a loss? The Giants are excellent at it.

As if that game wasn’t torture enough, Jeff Suppan and his nearly 6.00 ERA took the hill against our offensively inept Giants and like every game, they made a horrible pitcher look excellent. Suppan held the Giants hitless through 4 2/3’s until Travis Ishikawa singled into center field (a ball Mike Cameron should have caught, btw). The next inning, the Giants FINALLY scored a couple runs, again, with the help of Mike Cameron. Nate Schierholtz lined a single to center that went in and out of Cameron’s glove, allowing Edgar Renteria to score from second with two outs. The next batter Aaron Roward singled into right as Bochy put on a hit and run, opening up a huge gap in what normally would have been an inning ending ground out.

After a few more gut wrenching and heart stopping innings by our bullpen (the Giants staff walked 10 batters tonight, the most in a 9 inning game all year long), Big Money Bengie Molina took the first pitch he saw to lead of the top of the 8th over the center field wall, staking the Giants to a 3-2 lead…a lead the Giants never gave back.

Brian Wilson came in and closed the door for his 33rd save of the season, and as always, it was eventful as he went through the middle of the Brewers lineup.