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Rosters Expand – Giants Recall Everybody And Your Momma

By Bryan Rose

As expected, the Giants recalled and promoted a variety of players today as September 1st allows for all Major League teams to expand their rosters. Listed below are the lackluster moves.

  • Emmanuel Burriss was recalled from AAA and moved to the 60 day DL. This was simply a move to allow Brad Penny onto the active roster.
  • Andres Torres was activated from the 15 day DL. He’s been out since July 31st.
  • Rich Aurilla was activated from the 15 day DL as well. He’s been out since August 12th, and some might argue he played better by not playing.
  • Waldis Joaquin was recalled from AAA. He allowed one run in 10 innings earlier this year on the big stage with the Giants.
  • Jesus Guzman was recalled from AAA. Guzman tasted the big leagues earlier this season and struggled but destroyed AAA pitching all year long.
  • John Bowker was recalled from AAA. Much like Guzman, Bowker struggled earlier in the season on the MLB level but did well in Fresno at AAA.
  • Brad Penny had his contract purchased from AAA Frenso and will start Wednesday evenings game at Philadelphia

So, no Buster Posey (as expected, but still, potentially wrist cutting), no Madison Bumgarner (again, as expected), and no Kevin Frandsen (which is shocking!). Frandsen, potentially the most MLB ready of all roster moves, was again left in AAA after serious struggles at the MLB level earlier this year.

Apparently, he must have slept with Sabean’s daughter. It’s the only reasoning I can come up with. The poor guy is rotting at AAA while guys like Fred Lewis continue to blow chunks.