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Recap: Phillies Beat Giants – Fred Lewis Sucks

By Bryan Rose

Excuse me for beating a dead horse, but, have I mentioned Fred Lewis fucking sucks? Seriously. He can’t even come into a game as a pinch runner and do anything worth while. You’re down one. You come in to pitch run. Cole Hamles never once even throws over to first base through two batters, and you never even so much as even put an ounce of desire into stealing?

Yea, sure, I guess you can say “well, maybe Bochy put the stop sign up”, but I highly doubt that. The one tool Lewis has over 29 of 30 guys on that roster is speed. And the two or three times we’ve needed it all season, he puts cement shoes on. It’s amazing.

Maybe he slept with my imaginary sister or something – I’m not sure, but the guy is a fucking bum.

In related news, Cole Halmes anally pillaged the Giants tonight, throwing a 2 hit shutout – only facing 29 out of a possible minimum 27. There really isn’t a lot to be said after that. Jonathan Sanchez and Brian Medders both pitched amazing but the offense threw another dud out there, which has been the story of the season. A real shame to see such an effort by Sanchez and Medders wasted though.

The Giants will send Brad Penny to the mount tomorrow against rookie sensation J.A. Happ, a game the Giants need desperately. A loss tomorrow and an 0-2 start to the six game road trip will be quite devastating.