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Recap: Giants Melt Rockies For One Night

By Bryan Rose

Rockies – 0

Giants – 2

You have to wonder what Lincecum was thinking all night, don’t you? Another knockout performance and the Giants piss their pants worse than a 4 year old at Disneyland for their first time. I mean seriously – how many players did they plan on leaving in scoring position? 932? They really should have blown out the Rockies tonight with the bases being left loaded in the 1st inning and runners on 2nd and 3rd in the second and fourth, but no – no – we don’t need that! We need a tight, make you wanna crap your pants and hold your breath type game.

Pablo Sandoval was a surprise play after it was rumored he wouldn’t be available until Saturday’s game – but what he did was far from surprising. As the game lay tied in the 6th, with two outs, Pablo did what he does best, hit in the clutch. Sandoval drove a solo homer over the left field wall and the Giants never looked back from that point, winning the game 2-0 against the Rockies “ace”. Thankfully, I had the Rockies broadcast on MLB Extra Innings last night so I am fully aware of just how fucking good Usbaldo is. Jesus Christ, I’ve never heard two guys slobber somebody else more than those two tools did. They continually compared him to Lincecum, which is hilarious in itself. And then they kept throwing darts at the Giants fans and players, saying how ludacrious it was that the Giants think the Rockies actually tweaked the radar gun last Saturday to screw with Lincecum. It’s not like the Rockies haven’t been accused of gamesmanship before or anything. Oh wait. They have? Fuck! SHIT! Show me the CarFax!

But whatever. All I know is the Giants are now two back of the Rockies in the Wild Card standings, and that’s a good thing after last weekends debacle.

If the Giants plan to win tonight though, they’re going to need to cash in on those RISP…cause great as Zito has thrown the ball, we can’t win another 2-1 style game.

I said show me the CarFax!

Go Giants!