SF Giants News

San Francisco Giant Notes – Aug 22nd

By Bryan Rose

Remember when Johan Santana “accidentally” threw at Pablo Sandoval in retaliation for the David Wright plunking? Yea, so does the MLB. They fined Santana an undisclosed amount. Sandoval had no issue with the beaning though, joking with NY reporters that his fellow Venezuelan must not play the local sport, fusilado, which is similar to dodge ball.

Leaking as well from the NY papers are the rumors that the Giants did indeed grab Gary Sheffield off waivers, who the Mets quickly removed…for what reason I can’t figure out. The Mets aren’t going any place. Sheffield is unhappy. They’ve publicly said they wont be bringing him back, yet, they make the choice to keep him around for another 50 games. I guess that’s why they’re the Mets…

Jeremy Affeldt has now got 16 batters to ground into double plays this year in 46 innings – another remarkable rate in his quietly impressive season.

Bruce Bochy said the chances of Freddy Sanchez playing in tonight’s game versus the Rockies is about 50/50. Andrew Baggarly noted that he didn’t see Sanchez pulling off or in any pain during his batting practice session yesterday, and Sanchez was available for pinch hitting duties last night. Sanchez is pretty upset with missing the last four games, as he took out a personal apology to fans in the Mercury paper.

Also, a funny note from last night’s game per Baggarly involving Tim Lincecum:

"It’s in the middle of tonight’s game story, so in case you missed it, the Giants punk’d Tim Lincecum pretty good after their 6-3 victory over the Rockies. One of the players took Lincecum’s skater knit cap, dunked it and froze it. Everyone kind of milled about, waiting for Lincecum to discover it. He dressed, tied his shoes, put on his watch, got all ready to walk out the door … and then grabbed his hat.The look on his face went from shock to confusion to annoyance to anger as everyone burst out laughing. He put on the hat out of spite (paying no mind to the huge chunk of ice that was atop his head), said “I love you, too,” and walked out."