Christian Arroyo; Photo Credit: Chung Sun-Jun

VIDEO: Minor League Training Camp

Ballplayer have to work hard to make it to the Majors. SFG Productions put together a short of the recent minor league training camp held at AT&T Park. Check out the video highlighting the 25 prospects. The video is about 7 minutes long and shows off some of the prospects including Christian Arroyo,  MVP of the Rookie League.

At this stage of the game, if you’re not ready you’ll stick out like a sore thumb. Unfortunately, you’ll get replaced. – Karl Kochan, Major League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator

Just for fun, they had to run 2 miles in 6 minutes. That’s like a third of my high school average of 10 minutes. Though, I hate running, so there is that.

You know, I was once named Minor League Player of the Year… unfortunately, I had been in the majors for two years at the time. – Bob Uecker


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