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Vogelsong Deals Shutout Against Pirates









Ryan Vogelsong was absolutely stellar this afternoon. He earned his first win in three months and pitched 8 shutout innings and only allowed two hits, one walk with five strikeouts. I’ve haven’t seen him look this good in a long time. 








Vogelsong was dealing with a head cold which is why he didn’t go for a complete game shutout. He was at 98 pitches through the 8th inning. His last complete game was May 14, 2011.

He even saluted the fans after leaving in the 8th inning. It was awesome. (Sorry for iPhone photos, was caught up in the moment and had my camera in my bag.)

Photo by Denise Walos









Photo by Denise Walos 









I saw the best double play this year for the Giants in the 6th inning. AJ Burnett bunted into a double play that was fielded by Posey (C) to Crawford (2B) to Arias (1B). This is something that wouldn’t have went the Giants way on a bad day. 

When Buster Posey hits, the rest of the Giants hit. It’s now proven.

In the 3rd inning, Posey singled to right, which scored Blanco.

In the 8th inning, Posey singled, Pence answered with a single, Pablo with a triple and Arias with a double that put the Giants ahead 4-0. Buster is batting .444 in the last two games which coincidentally were wins for the Giants. 

Sandy Rosario allowed one hit in the 9th inning but the Giants win. Two games in a row to split the series with the Pirates. Happy Giants. Happy fans. Happy Timmy Gnome Day everyone.

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