Photo by Denise Walos taken on August 19, 2013

Giants No Match For Red Sox

Game one of Red Sox at Giants was not very fun last night. But how could a 7-0 loss be to any Giants fan? I was in no mood to write about the game last night.

I went to AT&T Park with my friend who is originally from Boston but I didn’t expect to be absolutely surrounded by Red Sox fans. Last night was ridiculous. For every one Giants jersey there were two Red Sox jerseys. Now I know how Padres fans feel down at Petco Park (aka AT&T Park South).

Tim Lincecum never pitches well against the Red Sox and last night was no exception. He pitched five innings, allowing nine hits and five earned runs. Jon Lester flew out a day ahead of the Red Sox and it was obvious he was well rested. He threw 8 1/3 scoreless innings, giving up six hits and no runs.

The Giants are still not scoring with runners in scoring position and left 17 stranded on base, handing the shutout to the Red Sox. Andres Torres surprisingly went 3-for-4 last night and Brett Pill (starting in left field for the first time since June 1) drew two walks.

I think the most enjoyable part of the night was BP and warmups. Here’s a few photos from last night:

Four of our left fielders taking BP together

Photo by Denise Walos on August 19, 2013










Timmy doing yoga

Photo by Denise Walos









Photo by Denise Walos









Photo by Denise Walos









Hunter Pence and Brandon Belt doing a shoulder bump (wouldn’t be doing one later)

Photo by Denise Walos from August 19, 2013









Photo by Denise Walos August 19, 2013











Hunter Pence has definitely possessed Timmy

Photo by Denise Walos on August 19, 2013










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